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Casting Test Agancy - From Paris

License Number : PFS 21.300-16

Subject & lvel  : International 
Franchise Type :  Country Branches – Stat Branches – Exclosive & Un exclosive 
Headquarter : Paris – France ,  Paris Fashion Standard
Franchise Director : Mr Adam 
Branch Availability: Ask By Email : ( )
Official Language : English

Website :
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PFS License Expirey date : 29.12.21 

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About International casting test Certificate Paris

International casting test certificate in Paris fashion standard Mirror.
Casting test means reviewing your style, information, photos, video, documents, and physical characteristics by professional judges in the film and fashion, modeling, acting, dance, singing, and music industry. checking your ability to identify and be sure that your talent is perfect for this business or not?
The casting test is performed all over the world online and only done by this official casting test website, under supervision of Paris fashion standard. The casting test is consists of 3 steps :
Step 1: casting test Grade C
Step 2: casting test Grade B
Step 3: casting test Grade A