Top One

Top One International Modeling Academy in the World in the year 2021

Top One
Top One International Modeling & Acting Academy in the World in the year 2021
International Bello Models Academy from Paris

After researching and studying about top 100 international modelings academise, We are happy to announce that the international Bello Models Academy Paris With 60,000 Students and 200,000 graduated in the last years in 185 countries, and high quality of 52 providing courses in film and fashion industry in 2021, and providing jobs to a big number of these students after graduating, is the best, biggest, and Top One international modeling academy in the world in the year 2021.

President of Paris Fashion Standard
And World Fashion Association

Paris fashion standard & new digital world

Paris fashion standard is the leader and heart of the fashion association in the world that is located in Paris and the capital city of the world fashion. This association is working day and night to keeps the fashion industry of high quality in the world. Paris fashion standard organization’s responsibility is to study, research, monitor, and control the fashion industry qualities in the world.

High consulting service to the fashion designers and owners of the fashion productions.
License issuing to the worldwide fashion organizations and fashion activities, fashion competitions, and beauty pageants. preparation and development of global rules and standards and rankings for modeling academies and models distributor agencies.
Supporting models by standardizing employment contracts between the model and the agency or between the model and the employer. Protect and realize the rights of models and international and legal protection of models against sexual abuse and exploitation in this professional industry. consulting and issuing of the beauty pageants contests license and their approval.
Issuing the license for all fashion Universities, fashion academies, and fashion schools to maintain their quality and worldwide ranking. To maintain their high quality in this fast-growing digital world.

History of Paris fashion standard

About history of Paris fashion standard
Paris Fashion Standard is the leader and legislator of the fashion and art industry in the world with more than 60 years of history.
At the last meeting of the council in the year 1969, the management decided to establish a management system center called Paris fashion standard (PFS) Center to legalize fashion industry identification methods and support the fashion talents and fashion industry to maintain the quality of the fashion and all fashion artists industries and keep the update.
This worldwide organization center starts 52 years ago and was powered by 25 fashion brands in the start. the international and worldwide organization in the starts was for only France and after 2 years on February 1971, Paris fashion standard changed to legalize control and leaders of the world fashion qualities and grows up and become one of the biggest and academic international fashion leadership centers in the world.
Paris fashion standard is the only official, legal and academic center for the identification and evaluation of the fashion arts and fashion industry, designers, fashion, brands, models, modeling agencies, fashion academies in the world. in the moment PFS. managing by Mr. Pietro Bello G. leader and the group of professional fashion industry teams in Paris, to keep the industry update and at a high level of quality. We are open mind and will be happy to hear from you about any new ideas to keep the fashion industry updated in high quality and fresh.

Pietro Bello. G
President of the Paris Fashion Standard Organization