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To support the models and modeling agencies in the fashion industry Paris fashion standard, updating the rules and creating new laws. processing or holding any modeling agency or management in any country without the official license of PFC will be invalid from 2022, …
As you know, fashion and modeling have come a long way to get here. What is certain is, this industry has a great impact on people’s lives and styles and plays an important role.
Considering this issue and the vast changes that have taken place in the world and technology and consequently in the level of people’s lives, I see that fashion and modeling are still involved and are old customs and have not experienced codified changes and new laws in this years.
As we know, Paris is the birthplace of fashion in the world, and consequently, Paris is the standard fashion as a leader in fashion, modeling, and style in the world.

Therefore, considering this important task, in a meeting on February 1, 2018, Paris Fashion Standard decided to review and update the laws of fashion and to formulate and approve new laws. New laws that do not lag due to the speed of technological change and its impact on people’s lives and can play a more active role in this industry.

Paris fashion standard & Modeling Rules

Paris fashion standard & Modeling Rules 
We are updating the information and will come back with new opportunities. but the only can say for now and what we try is to protect agencies and models rights, and opening new opportunities for all fashion industry members. be with us, will see you soon. 

Paris fashion standard and fashion business opportunities

Paris Fashion Standard & Agency Rules 
Paris Fashion Standard is the leader and legislator of the fashion and art industry in the world with more than 60 years of history…
Will  Continue,…