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All fashion businesses follow a specific procedure and standard in the world, which brings quality, stability, and ultimately public trust and consumer confidence. These roles and standards in the fashion world were created by the Paris standards.
Paris Fashion standard is the mark and confirmation of the quality of a brand, product, or any business and activity in the fashion industry worldwide.
In fact, fashion brands that follow the Paris standard, and certify and register their brand in it, enjoy worldwide support.
The Paris Fashion Standard monitors, examines and controls the quality of the brand and the production process of the product from design to distribution and sale.
In this way, it protects the rights of consumers and on the other hand, by monitoring the process of production to consumption cycle, controls its effects on the environment and nature and protects the rights of the public and their trust.
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Why we should become members of PFS?
How does the Paris Fashion Standard support the fashion industry and its brands around the world?

How can become a world fashion standard member? and how can get Pfs trademark?
Paris fashion standard with awarding the Pfs approval trademark supports the members of the fashion industry and the brands.

Consumers see the standard Paris fashion mark on the products, they are more confident in the quality of the goods and they buy. On the other hand, Paris Fashion Standard, by monitoring the supply and sales in all countries, prevents the import of duplicate products and thus supports brands and consumers. 
1- Paris Fashion Standard has recently obtained shocking information through covert research. That some national sales representatives of international brands did not buy the best-selling product or products in the second stage from the head office of the parent brand. On the contrary, after ordering a copy from a Chinese copy company, they barred it inside the store under a license. They then sold the copy product to the consumer as the original brand. In fact, they abuse the good reputation of the brand and on the other hand, the trust of the consumer.
2- And in reviewing other secret researches, Paris Fashion Standard has noticed that unfortunately some brands have consciously and in some Asian countries, in the sales stage, first used original samples and exposed them to the customer, but after ordering Purchased by the customer Delivered material similar to the original with low quality.
In fact, this is where the role and importance of the Paris fashion standard, which is, in fact, the leader of the World Fashion Industry Association, becomes more apparent in terms of oversight.
During these years, according to the order and opinion of Mr. Pietro Bello, the president of the World Fashion Association & Paris Fashion Standard, the mentioned above cases have been treated confidentially. But from the beginning of 2022, such violations, which would damage public confidence and brands credibility, would be publicly reported and dealt with.  
He also reminded: “Considering the media power of this global fashion association and the interest of the media in this range of news, the leakage of such news from infringing brands will surely mark the end of their commercial life.”

For this reason, all owners of national and international fashion brands in all countries are invited to register and join and receive the PFS certification mark as soon as possible. In this way, you will be supported by pfs worldwide and on the other hand, will be trusted by the public and consumers. We support businesses and fashion industry brands and their representative offices around the world through public oversight, governments, and especially expert teams.
So to get the pfs trademark and support, scroll down and fill out the membership form and enjoy our comprehensive service and support around the world.

Paris Fashion standard
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To get the pfs trademark and support, fill out the membership form and enjoy our comprehensive service and support around the world.
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