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Miss Bikini World Star

License Number : PFS 21.100-5

President & Organizer : Pietro Bello Gucci
Contest Lvel : International 
Contest Type : Beauty Pagent 
Headquarter : Paris – France
Head International Director : Pietro Bello Gucci
Head International Judge : Pietro Bello Gucci
Official Language : English
Formation :  Jon 2010
Public Voting Type : PFS Voter
Contest syestem : Live & Online 
Website :
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PFS License Expirey date : 29.12.21 

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Miss Bikini Organization :

Miss Bikini Organization :
Miss Bikini World Star in the Paris fashion standard mirror.

The Miss Bikini World Star organization owns and manages the annual Miss Bikini international Finals, a competition that has grown into one of the world’s biggest. Since its launch in 2010, Miss Bikini is franchised in more than 175 countries. Miss Bikini a beauty pageant that is organized for all bikini production and all linked industries in the world. the Miss Bikini contest is a beauty contest and sponsored by Bikini-style production in all countries. Miss Bikini, Limited is a privately held firm, and thus figures for its earnings.
the Miss Bikini world star Organization is owned by Pietro Bello Gucci, Founder of Bello Group Group Companies. 
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