National & International Directors Certificate

National & International directors certificate

How to get a National or international Director certificate?
And how to become a National Director of a beauty pageant in a country? or 
And how to become an International Director of a beauty pageant in the world?

From 1st January 2022, all fashion competitions at the national or international level without a PFS license are invalid and will not be allowed to operate. If the contrary is observed, the organizers will be dealt with formally and legally and the contest will be prevented from continuing.
According to the instruction of Paris fashion standard,  All organizers and national and international directors of beauty pageants in all countries must get a Valid National Director Certificate, before starting to organize a beauty pageant or hold an international contest franchise in the country,
Of course, the certificate will be one of the requested documents for who needs to hold a beauty pageant. and this will be requested by the main organizer. so all interested national directors in all countries, have the opportunity to register and get the official licenses from Paris Fashion Standard until the end of 2021. 
So go ahead and follow the below form and register to get a training course with included a lcertificate.

Paris Fashion standard
World fashion industry association

To to get the international director or national director certificate? fill up the
form, pay the certificate + course fee, and then submit.

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