Fashion Coaches license registration

How a fashion Coach can get a pfs license?

How a fashion Coach can get a pfs license?
From 1st January 2022, all fashion academies and fashion schools and also fashion coaches at the national or international level without a pfs license are invalid and will not be allowed to operate. If the contrary is observed, the organizers will be dealt with formally and legally and the academy or school activity will be prevented from continuing. According to the instruction of Paris fashion standard, All fashion Coaches must follow this to get a valid license from pfs :
1-  All experinced Coaches
2- New registered Coaches all around the world have the opportunity to register and receive official licenses from Paris Fashion Standard until the end of 2021. 
Of course, schools and academies from the noted date are not allowed to employ any coaches without pfs licenses. and have to guide them to get pfs license before the end of the year 2021.
So, go ahead and scroll down and register.down and register

The importance of Paris fashion standard license for coaches?
Why do Coaches need to register in the Paris Fashion Standard and join the pfs?

Remember this :
All academies and schools and their students are always asking about their coach’s credentials and certifications.
This is where being a member and under the supervision of Paris Fashion Standard will give you global prestige and standard, and increase the value of your coaching documents. And in this way, schools, academies, and students trust you more than non-member Coaches. by giving the link address, you guide the customer to see your membership and pfs license directly on Paris Fashion Standard website. And in general, this will increase the value of your credibility and as a result, increase the income with getting more opportunities.

Paris Fashion standard
World fashion industry association
Official Pfs license registration for fashion Coaches. to get the license,
fill-up the form, and submit.
Price: 299,00 €
PFS License fee to become under Paris fashion standard & world fashion association.